The HTC Vive Cosmos Is Finally up for Pre-Order, Bringing 'Premium VR' to the Masses

By Shabana Arif on at

If you've been waiting for a consumer-friendly version of HTC's VR headset, then are you in luck. The Vive Cosmos has been designed for plebs like you and I, and for just £699, it can be all yours.

"Since Vive began our VR journey, we’ve continued to refine and improve on what a premium VR experience can and should be,” said Graham Wheeler, GM Vive Europe. “Cosmos offers an unmatched experience and is also our most versatile headset yet – with, inside-out tracking, options in the future for different faceplates, unlimited content in the box, and the new user interface, we see limitless possibilities for XR customers.

"We’re thrilled to be delivering the promise of premium VR to an ever growing audience, as Vive Cosmos stands to be our widest European retail launch to date for a VR product.”

Obviously it's not a standalone headset - you need to plug it into your PC to actually use it with compatible content. Interestingly the modular faceplates can switch up the headset's functionality, adding features like the Vive Cosmos External Tracking Mod.

The headset is aimed at making VR easy and convenient to use, with a flip-up design so you're not faffing about trying to pry your giant head out it for ages. It includes integrated on-ear headphones to make your VR experience even more immersive, so if you're playing any horror games, get ready to soil yourself.

What's more, if you pre-order by October 2, you'll get a 12-month Viveport Infinity subscription, usually worth £107, for access to a ton of VR apps and games.