The New Lego Star Wars Imperial Destroyer is Here - And It's Galactically Expensive

By Kim Snaith on at

Say goodbye to your entire bank balance, my Lego-loving friends: Lego has just revealed its next Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Series set, and it's a big 'un. The biggest one yet, in terms of length. And it's got a giant price tag to match.

Behold the Lego Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer, 110cm in length, made up of 4,784 pieces, and costing £650 of your Earth pounds.

Yes, six hundred and fifty pounds. This thing is the same price as 2017's behemoth Millennium Falcon. But, I hear you cry, it has nearly 3,000 less pieces. The Millennium Falcon boasted 7,541 pieces, making it the largest set, in terms of number of bits, Lego has ever made. This new Imperial Star Destroyer has "only" 4,784 pieces. Which seems like a massively reduced amount, considering both sets are the same price. But I suppose what we need to consider is that the Star Destroyer is going to have a lot more big pieces compared to the Falcon. The entirety of the ship's outer sides are made up of large, grey plates, whereas the Millennium Falcon had a lot more small pieces.

This will be the fifth Imperial Star Destroyer made by Lego to date, and of course the biggest. The first two both came in 2007: there was a respectably-sized 1,367 piece set, and a previous UCS set, with 3,096 pieces (which is currently worth an absolute fortune, if you happen to have one). 2010 saw a Midi-scale set with just 423 pieces, and the most recent was in 2014, with 1,359 pieces.

2019's Ultimate Collector's Series set, then, packs in a hell of a lot more detail than we've seen before. It's comparable to the previous UCS set, but its extra size makes this rather more impressive. It also comes with a stand and the Ultimate Collector's plaque, along with two minifigures: the Imperial Officer and an Imperial Crew Member. There's also a teeny-tiny Tantive IV ship to give this beast some scale. As if it needs it; it's over a metre long, for crying out loud.

If you've somehow got £650 to drop on a Lego set for the second time in a couple of years, the Imperial Star Destroyer will be available in just two weeks, on 18th September, for Lego VIP members. Everyone else will be able to purchase it on 1st October. But if you've buying it, you might as well become a Lego VIP member - you get £5 worth of points for every £100 spend, so that's £30 back in your pocket for another purchase.