The Next David Attenborough Series is a BBC/Netflix Team-up Called 'Life in Colour'

By Tom Pritchard on at

When he's not lending his name to research vessels, or creating VR experiences for the Natural History Museum, David Attenborough's favourite thing to do seems to be narrating nature documentaries. As we all know he's contributed to countless numbers of documentary series about the natural world, and now there's another one on the way that's being developed as part of a team-up between the BBC and Netflix.

The three part series is called Life in Colour and will focus on how colour plays a role in the lives of animals - specifically with communication, cooperation, and defence.

Production is being shared between UK-based Humble Bee productions and Australia-based SeaLight, and will air on one of the BBC channels in 2021. International broadcasting is being taken up by Netflix everywhere except Australia, where the series will air on the Nine Network.

There's not a lot more we know about the series right now, other than the fact the Australian part of the shoot is underway. Naturally, though, it looks as though Attenborough is not going to give up his gig as the go-to voice for nature documentaries anytime soon. Which is definitely a good thing.  [Variety via Engadget]