The Vegetarian Butcher Launches New Plant-Based Line in Supermarkets and Will Be Touring the UK

By Shabana Arif on at

Meat-free butchers are a thing again as we hurtle towards World Vegetarian day on October 1.

This time around, London's butcher-cum-restaurant Hill & Szrok will be opening up on a Monday for a change to offer its customers plant-based fare from The Vegetarian Butcher, founded by Dutch farmer Jaap Korteweg. You'll find him there on Monday, September 30, between 9am and 6pm.

"Many people think they should eat less meat for a variety of reasons, but they feel like they simply can't live without it. They love the taste, juiciness and texture and feel that it’s the highlight of their meal. That’s why we’re taking over an iconic London butcher – because our products are so unmistakably meaty, customers don’t have to miss out on anything if they take animal meat out of their diet," said Korteweg.

"By launching our new range in supermarkets across the country we’re showing the nation that there’s no need to compromise on great taste when you go flexitarian. Even food critics and Michelin-star chefs couldn’t tell our plant-based chicken chunks from actual chicken!”

You'll find meat-free alternatives to a number of classic products carved from animal cadavers, including Big Bangers (Cumberland-style sausages), What the Cluck (chicken-style chunks), and Magic Mince (beef-style mince).

If you're not local to London, you can still get a taste of the produce as The Vegetarian Butcher kicks off a nationwide tour, hitting the streets of Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester from mid-October. You can also find the new chilled range of The Vegetarian Butcher products in Tesco and Waitrose starting this week, and a bunch of frozen options at Ocado.

The brand is being marketed as meat-free food for meat lovers, so give it a whirl if you hate the idea of animals being killed and eaten, but find them too tasty to stop nibbling on.