This New Train Website for Commuters Is Great if You're Never on Time

By Shabana Arif on at

If you're terrible at being on time for your train and usually get to the station with seconds to spare, is this the website for you.

Redditor benmaynard11 created that tells you the platform your train is on so you don't have to waste time fannying about looking for the information on the screens at the station.

"The idea behind is that you setup your regular journeys, and add them as an icon to your home screen on your iOS or Android device," says the creator. "When you're then approaching the station on your regular commute, you simply hit the icon for your saved journey and have platform and train information available in seconds.

"It isn't designed to be a tool for planning your annual visit to the seaside, but solves for the 'I'm at the train station with seconds until my train is due, what platform is it on?' problem."

The site gets its information from National Rail so is's all accurate. If you're chronically late on your commute you might want to give it a go.

Featured image: Unsplash