This Year's Lego Christmas Set is a Gingerbread House

By Tom Pritchard on at

Every year Lego releases one big set in the Creator Expert line, designed to tie into the Christmas season. It's typical wintery village stuff, like train stations, town squares, and all that. This year's set is no different, because Lego has gone and made us a big ol' gingerbread house for everyone to build and enjoy.

A lot of effort has clearly been put into the 1,477 piece set, with various sweet-inspired bits making up the bulk of the house. Obviously you have the gingerbread walls, but you also have gum drop buttons, frosting-adorned roof panels, a candy cane sign, and new specialised glittery windows. Those 1x1 purple glitter bricks are brand new, as is a special gold bar piece coloured in tan.

The set also comes with a three minifigs, a gingerbread dad, mum, and baby, as well as power elements than make the fireplace glow and the chimney smoke when you press them. So really Lego has gone all in to make it as authentic as they can, even if gingerbread people don't really fit in with the older Christmassy sets. Well every town has at least one family that's a bit odd, so that must be these guys.

The set measure 21cm high, 26cm wide, 13cm deep, and will cost you £85 when it goes on sale on 1st October. As ever it'll be available from physical Lego shops, the online Lego store, and probably a few other places as well.