Thousands Complain About the Misselling of Solar Panels

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Financial Ombudsman Service is sitting on a vast backlog of complaints about underperforming solar installations, with around 2,000 UK citizens staring at their electricity statements and wondering what happened to all the free money they had been led to expect would come from sticking panels on and around their homes.

The fact that people have been taking out loans to cover the initial expense of installing solar panels is exacerbating the situation, with the BBC's investigation finding cases where installers have promised the loan payments would be covered by the energy sold back to the grid and there'd be some left over too and their power bills would be lower  -- but that has not been the case for everyone.

A paperchase involving customers of bankrupt solar installers PV Solar UK and MyPlanet has revealed sorry cases of loans of up to £15,000 being organised through legit high street lender Barclays to pay for the dream money-generating panels, and the bank itself is suffering from the borderline scam; it's set aside £38m to cover repaying loans of those found to have genuine solar misselling grievances. [BBC]