Uber Wins Crappy Consolation Two-Month Contract for London Operation

By Gary Cutlack on at

The boring contractual wrangling between Uber and Transport for London is not going to end any time soon, as London's transport authority has agreed to hand the car-booking business a new licence to continue operating in the city – but it only lasts for two months, so another application will have to be started immediately.

TfL has added additional demands too, and is asking Uber to meet "new conditions to ensure passenger safety" whatever they may be, plus it's asking for more information from the company and its operations to inform the future decision about a proper long-term approval to stay in the capital. The booking app has been operating in London thanks to a court-enforced appeal decision that granted it a 15-month licence to stay in town, and that was due to end... today.

On the plus side, TfL says it has noticed that Uber has been "improving its culture and governance" since it sensationally pulled its licence back in 2017, and this two-month licence contains the same requirements to toughen up its insurance cover processes and driver checks as the stricter 15-monther it's been under recently. [Transport for London]