Government Finds £5bn to Back 100 Per Cent Gigabit Connectivity

By Gary Cutlack on at

Let's pretend we're in a fantasy world where what the government says might happen stands a chance of actually happening, because this is a potentially good one; it's made a pledge to bring better connectivity to the nation and backed it with £5bn of apparently new money.

Importantly, this isn't just about fibre plans either. The use of the term "gigabit connectivity" is purposeful, as it means this cash injection may also be divided up to include the backing of 5G networks as a method of covering rural zero-G spots, where literally no one is stupid enough to dig up seven miles of hedge in order to connect one old lady with a fibre line she won't trust or want.

It also means Virgin and its gigabit-through-copper system is covered too, so everyone's potentially in the money and may get their hands dirty thrusting exciting new wires down the nation's ducts. We now have to quote someone from the government, so look away now if politicians give you chest pains: "This new multi-billion pound investment to deliver gigabit-capable broadband for all the UK and investment in roads and buses will help people to get around and businesses to grow, ensuring no community is left behind. This will make the UK a better place to live and work, extending opportunity and raising living standards for all." [ISP Review]