Vodafone Is Giving Away a Ton of Apple Products via Its New AR Game

By Shabana Arif on at

Find Unlimited is the terrible name of Vodafone's new AR game that goes live for the duration of next week. And then that's it, because there are only so many freebies a company will give away.

Amongst the Apple prizes up for grabs are five new iPhone 11s, but the caveat is that you have a two hour window to play every day, and it's limited to central London.

The objective is to use your phone's camera mode to find and interact with AR ‘Vatoms’ that will be appearing in six ‘high-footfall’ locations in that region of the city using the in-game map. There are six Vatoms to discover at each location, but you can only interact with one each day, and the placement of them will change day-to-day. Seems relatively easy if you're swanning about London with no place else to be.

Registrations are open right now and you can sign up until September 22. The benefit of pre-registering is that you'll be given a clue as to location of the iPhone 11 - or its Vatom presumably - ahead of time. Vodafone customers will also get a heads up, while everyone else can just muddle along and hope for the best. You can sign up and find out more over on the official website.