Wales Agrees to Build New Gas-Burning Power Station

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Welsh government has granted planning permission for Drax – yes the same Drax that wants to capture carbon – to build an entirely gas-burning new power station outside of Swansea. The initial plans appear to show the chimneys pointing at the sky.

Apparently it's not really that bad a thing though, as the gas power it produces – which can be switched on very quickly – is important for rapidly responding to fluctuating power needs by providing backup energy. Like when it stops being windy out at Dogger. Hence the forthcoming 299MW Abergelli Power Open Cycle Gas Turbine power station won't be left on all the time, and may end up only operating for around 1,500 hours per year, so maybe hold off chaining yourself to Drax's head office railings and sending its MD dead sea birds in the post.

Given that setting stuff on fire is relatively proven tech, Drax and its subsidiary Abergelli Power Limited say it could be generating, or standing by ready to do so at least, by 2022. [Wales Online]