Warner Bros. is Eyeing Jonah Hill to Play a Villain in The Batman

By Charles Pulliam-Moore on at

Now that Matt Reeves’ The Batman has its titular hero and is closing in on its dogged police commissioner, Warner Bros. is getting down to the important business of figuring out which villains are going to populate this incarnation of Gotham City and who’s going to play them.

Deadline and Variety are both reporting that Jonah Hill is being considered for a villainous role in The Batman and while there are no details as to which classic Batman foe he’d portray, early reports have described Reeves’ film as focusing on the Penguin and another unknown character. Currently, there’s no telling who Hill might end up playing, but given how the actor’s really made a name for himself showing of his surprising range as a performer, one imagines that the studio’s banking on him bringing some of that versatility to whatever his role may be.

 The Batman hits cinemas June 25, 2021.

Featured image: Andreas Rentz (Getty)