Watching 95 Lego Droids Play the Star Wars Theme Music is the Best Video You'll See All Week

By Tom Pritchard on at

There are a lot of things you can do with coding, and a similar amount of things you can do with Lego. But when you combine the two you end up with the robotic Lego Boost range, which is designed to teach kids about one using the other. Today's the day the Lego Star Wars Droid Commander Boost kit goes on general sale, and Lego has released an incredible video to commemorate that.

The Droid Commander Boost kit was first released in July, as a timed exclusive to both Amazon and Lego's Online store. But now it's gone on general sale with other retailers, Lego's treating it like a proper launch. That's why they got 95 Boost droids together to play the Star Wars Theme song on actual instruments.

There are 42 instruments involved, including 10 xylophones, 10 violins, eight keyboards, six electric drums, four cellos, two gongs, two chimes, two floor toms, and two cymbals. The droids included 46 R2-D2s, 26 Mouse Droids, and 23 Gonk Droids working together to produce the music.

The actual play time is less than a minute, but apparently this whole process took 3,148 to create, thanks to the work of a single "crazed" inventor. It's actually really impressive, and if you watch closely you'll see that some of the droids aren't literally playing the instruments in the traditional sense. Rolling a ball onto a cymbal is the kind of thing you can only do once, after all.

Still it's pretty damn impressive, and shows the kind of thing you could (theoretically) get the Boost Droids to do. Assuming you have enough money to buy that many.

The Lego Boost Droid Commander will set you back £180, so god knows how much the video would cost you to produce.