Welsh Schools Pressured into Banning Creationism Talk

By Gary Cutlack on at

A group of scientists led by Sir David Attenborough is asking the Welsh government to specifically outlaw the teaching of creationism across all schools, amid concerns that a forthcoming tweak to the national curriculum may allow religious-leaning learning establishments to gloss over science and have children growing up thinking it's God that develops all the apps and games.

A total of 46 famed thinkers and representatives of scientific groups have signed a letter to the Welsh government asking that students are taught evolution and evolution alone from now on, and that "creationism as science" has no place in modern schools, as this isn't the dark ages or the United States of America.

The letter says that: "...without an explicit ban on teaching creationism, intelligent design, and other pseudoscientific theories as evidence-based, such teaching may begin to creep into the school curriculum, when it is vital children in Wales are not exposed to pseudoscientific doctrines masquerading as science," above the signatures of many of today's top media scientists, like Dr Helen Czerski, Richard Dawkins, and Professors Alice Roberts and Adam Rutherford. [Humanists UK via BBC]