Wilko Staff Call Strike to Highlight Terrible Working Conditions

By Gary Cutlack on at

Discount retailer of many sectors Wilko is set to be crippled by a strike, with as many as 1,800 staff members – mainly the hi-viz distribution grafters – hoping to bring the company to its knees around the negotiating table.

The complaint is about a gradual winding up of weekend working, with staff saying their work contracts used to allow them regular weekends off, but management pressure has seen staff asked to work virtually every weekend in recent months. Hence employees allied with the GMB Union in the firm's Worksop and Magor distribution centres have agreed to strike on as yet unannounced dates, an action they hope will cripple deliveries across the chain's national network.

Wilko says it's trying to hire more people – plenty of really awful 16-hour overnight weekend warehouse jobs are available – and that it has reworked its rotas to allow 250 staff to have the occasional weekend off, but that's not enough to fend off the strike. A date will be announced soon. [BBC]