Yep There's an Apple Watch Series 5 Now Too, and it Has an Always-On Display

By Tom Pritchard on at

Tonight is the night of product refreshes, and after the new 10.2-inch iPad Apple has just announced a brand new line of Apple Watches - the aptly named Apple Watch Series 5. This one has an always on display.

The key here is that the screen will never go to sleep, so you'll always be able to see what time it is and what your daily stats are. The screen will dim, but Apple says it will always be visible. To deal with the obvious loss of battery Apple has worked on power efficiency with an LTPO display that can dynamically change the refresh rate down from 60Hz to as low as 1Hz and conserve power. It also has an ambient light sensor that will better adjust the brightness to your surroundings.

Sadly the battery life is still 18 hours.

It also has a built-in compass with other tools like an altimeter, and that should prove great for outdoorsy types. For regular people you will also be happy to hear that the LTE models will have free emergency calling without having to be linked to an iPhone.

It also has a noise monitor to make sure your hearing isn't affected, and a bunch of other stuff noted in the image above.

The Aluminum watch will be available in black, gold, and polished metal, and will be made from 100% recycled aluminium. There will also be stainless steel, titanium, and ceramic models going on sale, no doubt for differing price points.

Prices start at £399 for the regular model and £499 for the one with mobile data.

Apple Watch Series 5 pre-orders open today and it'll go on sale on 20th September.