Yo Sushi to Add UK-Inspired Limited-Edition Items to Menu if Home Nations Teams Win Rugby World Cup

By Shabana Arif on at

Yo! Sushi is getting into the Rugby World Cup spirit by prepping a selection of Home Nations-meets-Japan dishes that will roll out if any of the teams emerge victorious.

The Rugby World Cup is a few days in already, having kicked off last weekend, and England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales are all competing as usual. Putting aside the fame, fortune, and glory the winning team will be basking once the games have come to close, the real pressure is back here, with hungry Yo! Sushi customers praying for a win so that they can sample the four limited-edition dishes the restaurant has promised to roll out in the event of a Home Nations win.

In the event of a win, here's what you'll be able to tuck into at Yo! Sushi restaurants across the country:

  • Fish and Chips Nigiri with Wasabi Peas – This fusion of an English classic sees a pillowy chip replace the rice from a traditional Nigiri sushi roll and topped with breaded fish. It’s then wrapped in seaweed and served with a side of Wasabi peas.
  • Haggis and Carrot California roll with Tonkatsu Sauce – Scotland’s national dish forms the heart of this distinctive take on the Japanese rice roll, which is paired with tangy Tonkatsu sauce.
  • Welsh Rarebit & Pickle Roll – Paying tribute to the iconic Welsh tea-time staple, a savoury sauce of melted cheese, mustard, paprika and Worcestershire sauce is draped over a traditional pickle sushi roll.
  • Irish Lamb Carrot and Onion California roll – The combination of succulent Irish lamb, carrots and onions makes this California roll rich and hearty - a delicious take on the classic one-pot Irish stew.

Sounds bloody delightful. So keep your fingers and toes crossed for one of the four teams to pull their socks up and unlock the Home Nations menu. And to win the World Cup, of course.