Yo! Sushi is Rebranding Because People are Too Stupid to Realise it Serves Things Other Than Sushi

By Shabana Arif on at

The Japanese restaurant shall henceforth be known as YO!SushiRamenKatsuStirfryCurryBaoBurgerGyozaFriesYakisobaMochiBallsFriedChickenPopcornShrimpBeefTeriyakiChocolateBrownie!

The point of all of this is to highlight the varied menu on offer at Yo!, which includes all of those things and then some, because apparently you may have been idiotic enough to assume that sushi was the only thing on the menu, and extrapolated from that that all you'd get is raw fish.

Following 'research' that isn't elaborated on whatsoever, it turns out 55 per cent of the public thinks that sushi is just raw fish. The new - and very long - signage at Yo! Sushi's Richmond branch should soon put a stop to that.

This is supposedly a real thing that will be rolling out nationwide over the next few days, as opposed to a quick and dirty publicity stunt to raise awareness of the restaurant and its menu.

"After bringing fresh sushi to the UK for the first time 22 years ago, we want to show diners that we are consistently at the forefront of change, with our exciting and diverse menu," said marketing director, Luisa Fernandez.

"We hope our new name change will get people talking but most importantly, show just how extensive our food offering is and that there really is a dish for everyone at YO!SushiRamenKatsuStirfryCurryBaoBurgerGyozaFriesYakisobaMochiBallsFriedChickenPopcornShrimpBeefTeriyakiChocolateBrownie!”

As you can see from the photo of the Richmond brand, the updated 121-character sign that's over 12ft long trickles over onto the neighbouring Tortilla restaurant which was somehow roped into accommodating it.

To further promote the occasion, the restaurant is encouraging customers to upload videos of themselves flawlessly reading out the new name for the chance to win a £50 voucher to use at the restaurant.