You Won't Be Able to Pirate Switch Games Now That Nintendo Has Won a Court Case to Have Pirate Sites Blocked

By Shabana Arif on at

Nintendo has been granted an injunction in the UK that will force the major internet providers to block a handful of piracy sites where you can download Switch games.

The five ISPs include Virgin, BT, EE, Sky, and TalkTalk and here in the UK they've been told to “block, or at least impede access” to four sites that distribute pirate Switch games, instructions on how to mod the Switch for piracy purposes.

"Today, the UK High Court found the sale and distribution of 'circumvention' devices for the Nintendo Switch unlawful," said a Nintendo spokesperson (via Eurogamer). "Nintendo is pleased that the UK High Court has confirmed that dealing in devices or software that enable piracy on Nintendo Switch systems is unlawful.

"This decision will help protect the UK games industry and the more than 1800 developers worldwide that create games for the Nintendo Switch platform, and who rely on legitimate sales of games for their livelihood and to keep bringing quality content to gamers."

The UKIE said it "fully supports" the ruling, saying the move "endeavours to prevent bad actors from infringing upon and exploiting the intellectual property rights associated with games."

Earlier this month, a study stated that the best way to combat piracy is affordability and availability, rather than enforcement so we'll see how on the nose that is going forward. [Eurogamer]