Anti-5G Protesters Suspected of Torching Their Local Phone Mast

By Gary Cutlack on at

The local MP for the Welsh constituency of Rhondda has blamed anti-connectivity protesters for taking out one of his region's phone masts, with the EE/BT tower serving Porth destroyed by an arson attack at the end of September.

Chris Bryant MP has been reassured by EE that a temporary mast will go up in place of the charred remains to allow life to return to normal ASAP, with the same mast also serving customers of the Three network and Virgin through the shadowy world of shared network coverage and reselling shenanigans we are not supposed to know about.

The survey team tasked with repairing and rebuilding it described the scene as the result of an arson attack too, and they ought to know the difference between the damage caused by a one-off late-summer lightning strike and the work of a rogue local with his lawnmower petrol and a desire to get his kids off their sodding mobiles for five minutes. [Facebook via Twitter]