Alexa Gets Spoopy Halloween Features You Can Try out With These Commands

By Shabana Arif on at

It's Halloween, and even if no one you know is getting into the spooky spirit, you can at least force your voice assistant to participate.

Alexa has a bunch of skills to add the finishing touches to your own haunted house, or to provide a bit of entertainment for the kids if you've forbidden them from traipsing around the streets in shitty weather for reasons that are 50 per cent safety-related, and 50 per cent you not wanting to go out tonight.

There's Halloween Ambience that will turn your home into a hell house with a range of creepy background music, as well as a Halloween quiz - although that's stretching it a bit; it's five questions, so that's a couple of minutes of getting the family to stop asking if they can eat the trick-or-treaters sweets supply yet.

The Magic Potion skill sounds like it offers slightly more for your time by turning you into a potion master and tossing a bit of story into the mix, and then there's the Ghost Detector which turns Alexa into a ghost buster, although not a very good one, as she's limited to capturing one per day.

If you'd prefer to get a cheat sheet of the list of commands and questions to create the semblance of human interaction, try throwing the following at Alexa and enjoy the closest thing you'll get to human warmth all day:

  • Are witches real?
  • Cast a spell
  • Give me a magic potion
  • Happy Halloween
  • Tell me a fact about ghosts
  • Tell me a fact about skeletons
  • tell me a fact about witches
  • Tell me a fact about zombies
  • Tell me a Halloween joke
  • Tell me a joke about monsters
  • Tell me a joke about pumpkins
  • tell me a joke about witches
  • Tell me a joke about zombies
  • Tell me a spooky fact
  • Tell me a spooky story
  • Trick or treat and Trick or treat smell my feet
  • What are you wearing for Halloween
  • What should I wear for Halloween
  • When did Halloween begin?
  • Why do we carve pumpkins at Halloween?
  • Why do we trick or treat?

You can ask Alexa about her other spoopy skills by saying, "Alexa, let's get spooky."