Amazon Buys 50 Megawatts of Scottish Wind Power

By Gary Cutlack on at

Amazon is about to get into the renewable energy business and is backing the build of a 50 megawatt onshore wind installation in Scotland, using the energy eventually generated to run its various Web Services needs in a publicity-friendly greener manner.

A site on the Kintyre Peninsula has been earmarked for construction – where SSE already has a massive installation of onshore turbines alongside other independent generators also enjoying the brisk and plentiful breezes –  with Amazon saying its build will eventually generate 168,000 megawatt hours' worth of power per year when up to to full rotational speed.

Given that Amazon is so wealthy its boss is planning on sending things to the moon for a laugh, the power generated will be free from any form of government subsidy – and go a small way to help Amazon hit its ambition of running on at least 80 per cent renewable energy by the year 2024. [Herald]