Amazon's Prime Video App Has Gone Missing From the Apple App Store

By Gizmodo on at

Prime Video, the Amazon app that hosts all of its streaming content, has disappeared from Apple’s App Store without explanation from Amazon.

Users on Twitter began flagging issues they were having locating Prime Video within the App Store on Friday, as TechCrunch and AppleInsider reported, with multiple mobile users sharing screengrabs of attempted updates that surfaced a notice that read: “The developer has removed this app from the App Store.” According to multiple reports, the app is also missing from Apple TV.

Gizmodo confirmed that Prime Video is no longer available for download through the App Store, though the app itself appears to be functioning normally. On Twitter, where users have been tweeting about issues finding the app in the App Store, the Prime Video account has yet to respond. As of just after 6 pm BST, the last post the account shared was a GIF tweeted 13 hours prior.

Reached for comment, an Apple spokesperson directed us to Prime Video PR. A spokesperson for Amazon told Gizmodo by email that a technical issue caused the disappearance and said the app would be back up on the App Store shortly.

Featured image: Amazon