Android 10 Hides Third-Party Navigation Gestures

By Gavin Whenman on at

If you don’t want to do gesture navigation the Google way in Android 10, it’s going to become much harder.

That’s because the company is forcing device makers that wish to carry the latest version of the mobile operating system (i.e. all of them) to hide their own-brand gesture navigation features.

While Android 10 manufacturers like Huawei and OnePlus can still include custom gestures on their devices, they can’t be enabled by default out of the box and Google won’t allow them to be advertised in the setup wizard or through any other method, including pop-ups and notifications. Showing the same generosity of spirit that has turned the company into a global behemoth, users will only be able to find them by taking a deep dive into their phone’s settings, with Google helpfully suggesting manufacturers put the option under “Advanced or similar.”

Android 10 was released last month and is gradually rolling out to new devices. It’s clear Google wants its new gesture navigation system to become the only one users adopt, although the change might not affect those upgrading from Android Pie, with manufacturers encouraged to retain the fiddly (non-default) “pill” gesture navigation for the benefit of the few users who actually liked it. Presumably because they enjoy spending all their time just trying to switch between apps. [9to5Google via Engadget]