Animating a Short Film Using Carved Pumpkins Requires More Patience Than I'll Ever Have

By Andrew Liszewski on at

It’s a good thing Halloween only happens once a year, because cleaning out a pumpkin and carving a fun design (that’s hopefully better than your neighbour’s) can be pretty tedious. With that in mind, you’ll realise just how much work went into this stop-motion animation that was carved into countless pumpkins.

Crunch the numbers, and a minute of stop-motion animation, filmed at 12 frames per second, would require 720 unique carvings – although far fewer pumpkins would be needed since you could use each gourd multiple times. That’s a lot of work, but on the plus side, the animators behind “Oh My Gourd” will probably have enough pumpkin seeds to last them until October rolls around again next year. [YouTube]