Ant & Dec Return to BBC for Top Gear/Pimp My Ride Hybrid Car Show

By Gary Cutlack on at

Ant and Dec are returning to stand next to each other in the correct name order for the BBC, by co-producing a car-based programme they're calling Street Car Showdown. It's a blend of car worship and a showcase of mechanical skills, presenting teams with the challenge of turning some old wreck into a capable race car. Wahey, the lads will then go.

The teams will be given an artificial arbitrary TV time deadline of 10 days to pimp their rides, and then there's a race. The idea for the programme came from the duo themselves, and is apparently the fruit of a long-standing but never really that well publicly articulated interest they both take in the car-modding community. Ant certainly did a good job of modifying a couple of cars when he smashed into them while drink driving last year, so does have some experience.

But there's a catch. The official likenesses of loveable TV characters Ant and Dec are contracted to ITV, so they will not be presenting the show. Someone else will do that. Probably Patrick Joseph "Paddy" McGuinness if we had to put money on someone. One or the other or perhaps even both of Ant and Dec at the same time said: "We have been fascinated with this world since we were teenagers in the North East and experienced car modders meeting up on Roker seafront in Sunderland to show off their creations. We came up with the format to shine a light onto the untapped world of car fanatics and highlight their passion, talent and creativity." [Variety via Digital Spy]