App-Learning Boosts Interest in the Welsh Language

By Gary Cutlack on at

The addition of Welsh to the language banks of universal translator and smartphone language tutor Duolingo has been a success, with the number of people attempting to get their head around the complexities of the language up by around a third year-on-year.

Duolingo says around 28,000 people were paging through its basic Welsh language options in September of 2018, a number that rose to 38,000 by September of this year. It has kicked off, a bit. This will make good reading for the Comisiynydd y Gymraeg – or the Welsh Language Commissioner – as the government department is pushing an ambition to have one million people speaking Welsh by the year 2050, and wearing the orange badge of power that says they are available for small talk in the language to assist in keeping it alive, as a secret way to slag off the English people who've just bought a spare house in the village. [BBC]