Arlo Throws Its Hat Into the Ring With Its First UK Video Doorbell

By Shabana Arif on at

The home security market just got a scooch bigger with the impending arrival of Arlo's video doorbell next year.

The video doorbell is Arlo's first in the UK and it boasts a number of snazzy features although we have no idea what the accompanying price tag is, as pre-orders don't go live until 2020. For comparison, Ring's basic video doorbell comes in at £89 and shares many of the same basic features. Here's what the Arlo video doorbell has to offer:

  • Optimised front entry view: industry-leading vertical and 180-degree diagonal field of view, meaning people and packages can be viewed in their entirety, leaving no important detail unseen.
  • High-resolution live video and personalised alerts: differentiate between packages, people, vehicles and animals straight from your phone the moment they are detected.
  • Direct-to-mobile video calls and two-way audio integration: simultaneously see and speak to visitors in real time, or opt for pre-recorded - quick reply messages.
  • HDR video and night vision: capture vivid detail in bright and dark areas with HDR and see who’s at the door at night – even without a light on! - Compatibility: connect to existing mechanical/digital chimes, the Video Doorbell reflects Arlo’s simple DIY installation mentality

You'll also get three months of Arlo Smart chucked in for good measure that gives you access to a 30-day cloud-based recording history, as well as personalised notifications.

The doorbell will be up for pre-order in the vague "early 2020" window, so keep an eye out.