Banksy's Former Agent Reveals Artist's... Shoes

By Gary Cutlack on at

A former agent and assistant of Banksy – who used to be friends with the artist but we suspect is not swapping banter via WhatsApp any more – has a book coming out about his years with the street artist, in which photos of the mysterious stencil expert are revealed. Of course there's a catch in that the images are all from behind or show the man with something over his head, as the art world doesn't really want to know that Banksy looks like a normal, mortal man.

The photos are from the personal archives of Steve Lazarides, who has a book – Banksy Captured – scheduled for DIY publishing this year. Lazarides says he's glad to be away from the pressures of overnight gonzo spray jobs, and said: "I hate the art world. I only became part of it because Banksy catapulted the movement into the stratosphere. It was a ride -- however, I'm glad I'm out of it and about to enter the next ride."

The pics he has released show Banksy in coveralls doing his important satirical work and out on regional photography jaunts, with the only new information in the images being that the artist has no loyalty when it comes to footwear brands. Suppose if you're always getting paint on them, cheap Reeboks are the only sensible choice. He also seems to have a lot of hair, unless that's a wig of misdirection? [Press Association via BBC]

Image credit: Steve Lazarides