BBC Decides VR is Dead Too

By Gary Cutlack on at

The BBC, at the end of a very long post about how committed it has been to VR productions, has said it is abandoning VR productions, with its in-house VR Hub to close this year after one final launch.

This is the second debilitating liver-punch for mainstream VR in the space of a week, following news that Google's hot new Pixel 4 phones won't be compatible with dumb cardboard headset adaptors or their more upmarket plastic face mounts; killing off a potential cheap entry point into VR for the masses. We are, it turns out, happy looking at screens in portrait orientation.

The BBC's VR Hub is disbanding after the release of arthouse film interview series Missing Pictures, a project that asks film directors to discuss movies they weren't able to bring to the screen at full motion picture scale, and immerses the headset wearer in a VR creation of the lost potential classic. Something to do with touring libraries is also mentioned, but by god is that going to be massively undersubscribed. [VR Hub via Engadget]