The Best Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL Deals Available on UK Networks

By Tom Pritchard on at

Tomorrow is the day that the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL hit the shop shelves, letting you go out and buy the phone for yourself and see what Google's latest handset has to offer. If you like the look of the phone, and can get over the giant black bar at the top of the thing, then you will probably be wondering how much the thing is going to cost you. A lot is the answer, but when it comes to smartphones that seems to be the most common answer.

So we've gone and scoured the networks to find the best deals for both the Pixel 4 and its XL sibling, so you don't have to do all that hard work for yourself. Unless otherwise stated all deals are 24 month contracts with unlimited calls and texts.


While not a network, Google is always the obvious place to pick up a new Google device, especially since delivery is free and you can pick up all the official Pixel accessories at the same time. Like the Pixel Stand, or a 3.5mm headphone adaptor that isn't included in the box this time around. Sadly you have to pay everything up front, rather than spreading payments over the source of one to three years, but the upside is all the Google-bought devices are unlocked and won't be stuck with one specific network.

Prices start at £669 for the Pixel 4 and £829 for the Pixel 4 XL

Google also offers a free HP Chromebook 14 with all Pixel 4 orders until the 28th October.

Pixel 4 on EE

Your dirt cheap Pixel 4 option with EE is  the 1GB plan that costs £40 a month and costs £100 upfront. But that sucks, and the 4GB plan is so much better. Not only do you get the extra data, the upfront fee is just £50 and you only have to pay an extra £4 a month. Much better, though both these deals cost £49 and £54, respectively, if you get the 128GB model instead.

Your cheapest option with a swappable benefit is £59 a month with £10 upfront, which gets you 30GB of data and a single benefit to enjoy per the EE rules. If you can live without that perk, the same amount of data will cost just £54 a month. Both these cost £59 and £64 for the 128GB option, which also offers a 100GB data plan for £64 and £69 a month - the latter of which comes with two swappable perks.

If you want swappable perks and unlimited data you can enjoy two of them on the £69 a month plan (plus £10 upfront). If you want the sweet unlimited data and no extra perks, that'll cost you £64 a month instead. The 128GB model is similarly more expensive, with EE charging £69 for no perks and £74 for two perks.

Pixel 4 XL on EE

Like the regular Pixel 4 the cheapest Pixel 4 XL option is a 1GB plan that costs £45 a month with £130 upfront. But as ever the 4GB plan seems like the better deal, offering 4GB of data for £49 a month and £80 upfront. A much better deal in my opinion. The 128GB model is different, with 4GB available for £54 a month and £80 upfront.

If you want swappable benefits you'll need to pay £64 a month (and £40 upfront) for the 30GB plan. That gets you one, which is pretty meagre, especially since that same £64 a month fee (plus £10 upfront) can get you 100GB of data without the fancy benefit. Those payments rise to £69 a month (with the same upfront charges) for the 128GB model

But if you'd like both, an extra £5 a month (£69 plus £10 upfront) gets you 100GB of data and two perks to play around with. Once again that goes up with the 128GB model, and will cost £74 a month with the same £10 upfront fee

If you want unlimited your options are £69 a month for no perks, or £74 a month for two, both of which come with a £10 upfront fee. Those are £74 and £79, respectively, for the 128GB model, both of which also ask for £10 upfront.

Perks of EE

The main perk for EE these days are the swappable benefits you can get. They include the likes of BT Sport, Amazon Prime video, better roaming options, and various data passes to stop you using up all your allowances when you're streaming. Naturally being swappable you can change them on a month by month basis, though if you need more you can always pay for an extra perk out of your own pocket.

Many deals that come with those perks rolled in also give you the option of upgrading anytime. There's a two week grace period after you start the contract, but after that you can call up EE whenever you like and swap to a better phone.

EE is also offering a free HP Chromebook 14, provided you buy before 28th October.


Currently O2 doesn't offer the Pixel 4 or 4 XL directly. Fuck knows why, but if you want the phone on an O2 contract, plus all the priority perks that come with it, you'll need to go through Carphone Warehouse. There are a lot of deals there, though without O2's trademark flexibility and the newly announced unlimited data plans. Most of these do come with the free HP Chromebook though, so that's nice.

Pixel 4 on O2

Prices for the 64GB Pixel 4 start at a low £33 a month for 30GB of data, but this comes with the added disadvantage of costing £250 upfront. Obviously the lower that number is the higher the monthly cost, but if you want to keep the upfront charges as low as possible you'll need to pay £43 a month and £50 when you sign on. Sadly this only gets you 3GB of monthly data, which is a pretty weak offering.

Upping that to £45 a month, however, and you get 10GB of data. That's with the same £50 upfront fee. If that's still not enough, £47 a month (plus £30) gets you a whopping 90GB of data to enjoy. The top tier deal, however, is £51 a month, and £10 upfront, which grants you 120GB of data.

The 128GB deals are all quite different, with most of the deals asking for over £100 upfront. The only ones underneath that are as follows:

The rubbish 3GB data plan that costs £52 a month with £10 upfront, the 10GB plan that costs the same £52 a month but asks for £30 upfront, the 120GB plan that wants £55 a month and £10 upfront, and the apparently best-seller that has 90GB of data available for £49 a month and £80 upfront.


My advice is to pay more upfront if you can, or go for the 90GB plan if you have your heart set on the 128GB Pixel 4.

Pixel 4 XL on O2

The 64GB Pixel 4 XL deals are similarly expensive if you want to pay as little as possible each month. But keeping the upfront cost under £100 means the cheapest plan is the 3GB plan that wants £60 upfront and £52 a month. But paying an extra £20 upfront (and the same £52 monthly payment) will get you the 10GB data plan, which is obviously much better in the long run.

There are no 90GB plans with upfront fees under £100, but there are two 120GB options. The cheapest overall wants £55 a month and £30 upfront, but if you want to save yourself £20 now you can get it for £59 a month and £10 upfront. Of course that means paying an extra £76 over the course of your contract.

Only two 128GB Pixel 4 XL deals keep the upfront payment under £100 this time, and they both come with 120GB of monthly data. The cheapest is £59 a month with £60 upfront, though you can save £30 and pay £63 a month with a £30 upfront payment. Of course that's £66 more expensive, so think about whether it's worth it.



Pixel 4 on Three

Three only has the 64GB Pixel 4, which makes life a bit easier for me as I sit and write this down. Even if offering a 64GB phone with no expandable storage is far less acceptable than it was two years ago. All these plans come with a £49 upfront fee unless otherwise stated.

Your cheapest Pixel 4 plan on Three is the 4GB data plan that costs £41 a month, though the next one up offers 12GB of data and costs £44 a month. £3 for three times the data is well worth it if you ask me, assuming you have enough money to pay for it.

Only three other deals are actually available on Three right now: a 30GB plan that costs £47 a month and two unlimited plans costing £49 and £69 a month. The £69 a month deal comes with no upfront cost, but isn't worth getting at all, since it's £20 a month more and the upfront fee is only £49.

In other words by the end of month three you'll already have paid £11 more than it would have cost you to suck it up and hand Three the money upfront. So don't pick that one, even if that means having to wait three months while you save the extra cash you need.

Pixel 4 XL on Three

Like the Pixel 4, only the 64GB 4 XL is available with Three. Which sucks if you like storage space on your phone, but is great if you have lots of Google cloud storage. The same five deals are available, four of which come with a £49 a month upfront fee.

On the cheaper end we have the 4GB plan that costs £48 a month, though an extra £3 a month (for a total of £51) gets you a much nicer 12GB of data. On top of that you get 30GB for £54 a month, and unlimited data for £56 a month. There's not a whole lot of difference between each one, so pick the data allowance that fits you best.

Definitely do not pick the Unlimited deal with no upfront fee, which costs £75 a month. Scrimp and save if you have to, because paying an extra £456 over the course of two years - all for the sake of saving £49, is really quite stupid. I don't even know why Three has this deal.

Perks on Three

Three offers a lot of perks, and beyond being one of the few UK networks to offer unlimited data.   There's Go Binge, which lets you use several different services without using up your data allowance - not that it matters if you have unlimited data anyway. Netflix, Deezer, and Snapchat were all mentioned in the press release I was sent, but they're certainly not the only ones included.

Three is also mentioning Go Roam, which lets you use your regular data allowances in a number of countries outside the EU, but most networks offer services like that. I only mention Go Roam because it's related to Three's partnerships with easyJet, that let passengers get a bunch of extra perks when they're travelling out of the UK. Three also wants you to use the Wuntu discount app, which is like O2's Priority Moments, netting you money off offers and free stuff if you happen to be in the right shop at the right time.

These plans also come with the free HP Chromebook 14, provided you buy on time.

Pixel 4 on Vodafone

Like Three Vodafone only offers the 64GB Pixel 4 model, so this isn't the network for people who like having lots of storage.

Your cheapest option for the regular Pixel 4 is the 1GB plan that commands a £49 upfront fee and £40 in monthly payments. But £4 aq month more, and only £29 upfront, gets you 5GB of data and seems like a much more reasonable option.

If you want the Red Entertainment package, with 24 months free access to Amazon Prime Video, Sky Sports Mobile, Now TV, or Spotify Premium, then you'll need to pay £55 a month with £29 upfront. That gets you 20GB of data, an allowance that's also available without the fancy streaming perks for £49 a month and the same upfront fee.

Above that are the unlimited plans, and I am deliberately ignoring the ones with speed limits on them. Because it's a shitty tactic that negates the point of having unlimited data. The cheapest max speed Unlimited data option is £59 a month, with £9 upfront. Add Red Entertainment into the mix and you have to pay £65 a month with the same £9 upfront fee.


Pixel 4 XL on Vodafone

Your cheapest Pixel 4 XL option is a 1GB plan which costs £48 a month and wants £99 upfront. Quite a lot to pay for that little data to be honest. Next up is 5GB for £52 a month and £49 upfront, which seems like a much better offer - even if it does cost more overall.

Now if you want your Red Entertainment package you'll need to pay at least £63 a month with £29 upfront, and what'll get you 20GB of data in the process. Of course if you couldn't care less about free streaming that same amount of data will cost £57 a month with the same £29 upfront fee.

After this it's unlimited data, which Vodafone is a bit shitty with since it places speed limits on people who don't pay a lot. That said at the time of writing the network is offering full speed for no extra cost, which means unlimited everything (plus your choice of Red Entertainment subscription) is only £69 a month with £29 upfront. That price drops to £63 a month if you skip the streaming, though that still isn't as cheap as Three. At least it's cheaper than EE, right?

Perks of Vodafone

Most, if not all of Vodafone's perks are tied up in the deals themselves, but they generally involve the Red Entertainment package that gets you your subscription to Amazon Prime Video, Now TV, Spotify, or Sky Sports Mobile. Vodafone also offers various levels of global roaming, though how many countries are included are plan dependent.