The Brexit 50p is the Latest Thing to Not Happen Like They Said

By Gary Cutlack on at

You'll never guess... oh. You guessed. Well done. It was a pretty easy one, we suppose, as news broke over the weekend that manufacturing of the divisive "Brexit 50p" that was to immortalise the day of the UK's departure from the EU has been put on hold. Because October 31 is now back to being nothing more than boring old Halloween 2019, and that's not special enough by itself to get a 50p.

The UK's Treasury has said it asked the Royal Mint to "pause" production of the coin that was to mark the momentous occasion on the formerly critical date, although presumably it's way too late in the day to stop a few/several million being pressed up by the country's coin makers, as, you know, they were supposed to be done for Thursday. The Mint won't say how many Brexit 50p coins it may have already made, as that might be massively embarrassing for all involved, even in these days when national embarrassment seems to be seriously on trend and we are all walking around with our trousers metaphorically down.

Previous reports said that up to 10 million of the coins were to hit the nation's pockets to ensure everyone had something weighty to throw at their least favourite politician, with chancellor Sajid Javid personally asking for the bump in production to coincide with the October 31 EU exit deadline we've been living under the menace of for the last six months. But no. Not going to happen now. Back to sifting through charity boxes for a Kew Gardens one. [BBC]