Brexit 50p Coins Head to the Smelter in Literal Financial Meltdown

By Gary Cutlack on at

Another Two Ronnies sketch is playing out live in the corridors of power, as the aborted Brexit 50p coins that were to commemorate the October 31st control-retake date are now to be melted down and refused entry to general circulation.

We sort of suspected that the government's order to the Royal Mint to "pause" production of the coins was a bit of a stable-door moment, and indeed it was, with sources telling Bloomberg that "hundreds of thousands" of the Brexit 50p coins have already been manufactured and were ready to be launched into the nation's monetary chain after the UK left the EU on Thursday. But the boring politics world says no to all that now and we all have to endure at least another three months of the same news.

A spokesperson for the Treasury said that some sort of Brexit 50p is still on the cards should the UK ever actually slap its thighs and get up to leave the party for real, but maybe next time they shouldn't emboss the date on the thing. Just do a drawing of a pint and a Spitfire. [Bloomberg]