BT's 5G Services are Launching on Friday

By Tom Pritchard on at

The four big networks have already announced their plans for the 5G rollout, and now it's time to hear about what the other, less popular MVNOs have to offer and today is BT's turn. Because even though BT owns EE, it still has a separate network that needs its own 5G rollout.

Obviously such close links between BT and EE means BT's 5G network is piggybacking off EE's 5G network that launched back in May. The exact locations haven't been announced right now, but it's definitely going to launch in the usual locations of Birmingham, London, Cardiff, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Belfast.

The other 14 aren't clear, though naturally it'll have to be places that either have, or are getting EE-fuelled 5G. BT also claims a further 25 locations will also get 5G before the year is up.

Sadly we don't know pricing, but BT has also announced it'll be linking up its broadband and mobile services into something called BT Halo. Halo customers will get unlimited data and calls on both their phone and at home, while also getting themselves support from a new team of Home Tech Experts and early offers to upgrade to the 5G network. Anyone who has already signed up for BT's 5G or existing Plus services will get an automatic upgrade to Halo in November.

BT hasn't forgotten about people with fixed-line connections either, and has promised 700,000 homes and businesses will getting upgraded the fibre-powered Superfast Broadband at no extra cost.

Since BT has been bigging up ditching the old copper wires, that's not surprising, and neither is the news that it's going to stop selling legacy copper internet to 90% of the UK. Naturally those remaining 10% are the ones that can't get fibre, and BT's plan is to get them hooked up to a mobile broadband system when 5G is locally available - but who knows how long that will be.

Oh, and if that wasn't all, you can start expecting to see more BT products and branding in your local EE store - like the picture up top. [BT via Pocket Lint]