Burger & Lobster Douses Its OG Lobster Roll in Champagne Butter and Bumps up the Price

By Shabana Arif on at

Burger & Lobster is rolling out a new autumn menu that sees a limited edition Champagne Lobster Roll make its debut.

The new addition is a variant of the Original Roll, but the Japanese mayo and lemon has been replaced with a champagne and butter sauce while the price has been hiked up by a fiver. For £25 it looks like a side of fries will also make an appearance, which doesn't appear to be an accompaniment to the Original Roll.

As well as the new roll, B&L has added Lobster Mac & Cheese, Chorizo Mussels, and a Lobster Caesar Salad to the menu, priced at £7.50, £10, and £20 respectively.

Unless you're in London, you can forget about sampling the restaurant's offering anywhere else in the UK, although if you're visiting the capital, you'll have nine locations to choose from.

Earlier this year the chain followed McDonald's lead with its upmarket version of spicy nugs made of lobster, of course.