US Fast Food Joint Chick-fil-A Just Opened its First Branch in the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

Being on the internet you might have heard of Chick-fil-A, a US fast food chain that has a reputation for serving an incredible chicken sandwich. It's also well known for being closed on Sundays, and for having donated money to various anti-LGBT groups over in the States. Well now the chain has spread to the UK, having opened the its first British location inside Reading's Oracle shopping centre.

The branch opened up yesterday, and according to the local news sites it's managed to attract long lines of people queuing up to give the new chickenery a try for themselves. Somewhat ironically it's also in the space by Boots, which used to be home to Miami Burger - the UK's first vegan-only fast food restaurant. That closed in July, and has been sitting vacant ever since. Well up until yesterday anyway.

According to GetReading the new Chick-fil-A has been opened as a testground to see whether it's worth expanding further into the UK market. If the queue I saw earlier today means anything, it seems to be going rather well so far. But then again people flocked to Miami Burger when that opened, and they barely lasted six months. It'll just be a case of whether Chick-fil-A can keep those people coming over other nearby that have already established themselves nearby. After all places like McDonald's, Burger King, Subway, Five Guys, and KFC are all less than five minutes walk away.

So if you were desperate to see if Chick-fil-A deserves its tasty reputation, but don't have the money or energy to fly to the US just to try a burger, you know where to go. Sadly it's not clear whether the new branch will continue the long-standing policy of refusing to open on a Sunday. Given how busy Reading Town Centre is on a Sunday, and how few people actually give a toss about doing godly stuff that day, they'd be pretty foolish not to. [GetReading]

Featured image: Tom Pritchard/GizmodoUK