Cloudya: Stay Connected Whenever, Wherever

By Gizmodo UK on at

Sitting at the heart of many business’ telecommunication’s infrastructure is VOIP technology. Over the past twenty years, we have seen companies of all sizes adopting IP-powered voice systems, in order to leverage lower costs and better scalability. But as we approach the new decade, many of these systems are beginning to show their age.

This is primarily a consequence of the changing face of business. Mobile technology has created an inherently mobile workforce, with employees working as easily from coffee shops and hotels as they do from the office. Older PBX systems, although cutting edge at the time, simply can’t cope.

These shortfalls have inspired a new generation of cloud-oriented VOIP systems, chief among them Cloudya, the cloud telephone system from NFON.

Cloudya melds the universality of traditional telephone systems with a sophisticated, cloud-focused service that offers all the functionality of its top-spec communication system. It provides each employee with a single phone number and voicemail inbox, allowing them easily place and receive calls from colleagues and customers alike.

Crucially, it’s completely platform agnostic. Unlike during PBX’s halcyon era, when businesses primarily used Windows boxes for work, today’s workplace tech landscape is diverse indeed, with a variety of desktop and mobile operating systems deployed. It’s not uncommon for design and software development workers, for example, to use MacBooks, while your HR and accounting teams use Windows.

Recognizing this trend, Cloudya works natively with Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS. Users can connect over wired or wireless Internet connections, or via cellular voice or data networks.

And because it’s cloud-based, your employees can remain reachable even when they’re away from their desk. A single number can be reached by up to nine different devices, including phones, tablets, and computers. With 50 percent of the UK workforce expected to work remotely by next year, this flexibility allows your employees to maintain their productivity no matter where they are.

But what makes Cloudya so compelling is its inherent ease of setup and administration. This applies to both IT administrators as well as end-users.

Ordinary staffers interact with Cloudya through a straightforward user interface that offers them an unprecedented level of control. The web-portal allows users to prioritize incoming calls, view the availability of other colleagues, and set-up conference calls for those all-important business meetings.

When they’re unable to take a call, they can easily forward it to another colleague. Meanwhile, the integrated caller ID will allow them to avoid those annoying sales calls that their disrupt productivity.

For IT staff, Cloudya promises to remedy all existing VOIP headaches, thanks to its incredible ease of deployment and management. Unlike its rivals, there’s no need to acquire new hardware, and you don’t need to buy your staffers a new phone or laptop to use it. It gracefully slots into your existing IT infrastructure. And your IT team can deploy the system to remote users without having to physically be with them.

This comes with incredible cost savings. Enterprise telephony equipment is expensive, and comes with brutal long-term costs associated with maintenance and support. Faulty equipment needs to be replaced. Staff need to travel to remote locations in order to service users. Hardware failures result in downtime, which causes disruption to your day-to-day business activities.

Switching to a cloud-based system like Cloudya virtually eliminates this, allowing you to redirect your limited IT budget to projects that’ll allow your business to remain agile, or boost end-user productivity.

Crucially, Cloudya will lift a major burden from the shoulders of your IT team, allowing them to focus on providing timely end-user support, or work on the infrastructure products that are crucial to your long-term growth aspirations. They don’t even have to worry about security, as Cloudya handles that, thanks to automatic updates and baked in voice encryption.

And for those working in financial services and medicine, where Faxes remain ever-present, Cloudya can even replace your office’s bulky Fax machine!

But best of all, Cloudya comes with a pay-as-you-go pricing model which scales effortlessly from smaller businesses to larger, globally-minded enterprises. Instead of being forced into a one-size-fits-all plan, you’re charged based on your real-world usage, so you never pay for minutes or services you don’t want. There’s just one set-up fee, and the 30-day rolling contract means you can leave whenever you want.

If you’re tempted, you can sign up for a risk-free 30 day trial. This will allow you to see if the service is really for you. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll see the power of cloud-powered VOIP. We bet you won’t go back to your bulky old on-prem system.