Cuadrilla "Demobilises" at Controversial Preston Fracking Site

By Gary Cutlack on at

Cuadrilla appears to have ended the fracking part of operations at its site in Lancashire, although it remains in business and is testing the flow rates of gas from a second well it pumped full of water back in August; before the quakes came and forced it to suspend all fracking.

The fracking part of the operation seems to be over for good now though, as Cuadrilla says it's "demobilising" the hydraulic fracturing equipment on the site, which implies no more pumping of water into the ground to make the precious shale gas come out. That said, some work is still ongoing as the company says it's flow-testing the results that came in during the calamitous August frack session.

It's likely that no more fracking will take place on the UK's first testbed at all, as no planning application to continue fracture stimulation beyond November 30, when the current approval to operate expires, has been lodged. And with fracking currently suspended while the Oil and Gas Authority investigates the summer quakes, it could well be over for this particular part of the shale gas dream. [Cuadrilla via BBC]