Cuadrilla Promises to Pay Off the Loudest Complainers

By Gary Cutlack on at

People living within the Lancashire quake hotbed in and around a village we assure international readers really is called Little Plumpton are in for a pay day, as fracking firm Cuadrilla has agreed to compensate homeowners who have genuine cases of damage being caused to their houses by the series of small and not so small tremors triggered by fracking operations.

As usual, Cuadrilla was ridiculously and needlessly passive-aggressive in its announcement of the compensation payouts, as it accused locals of turning up with photos of ancient damage and trying to blame it on the 2019 fracking operation. Maybe they were, but you don't say it out loud to the media, for God's sake. Boss Francis Egan raged: "Lots of people have showed us cracks with weeds growing out of them, for example, or cracks that – when you look on Rightmove – you can see the exact same cracks in photographs taken well before the tremor," thereby dismissing some locals as frauds.

Egan says none of the reported problems with local homes could be classed as being "major" damage, and further humiliated complainants by revealing that the payouts will be in the "low two figures." So that's £35 to paint over some cracks. Not a bad return on sending an angry email if you get the hallway done out of it. [BBC]