Banksy Notices Word Has Two Meanings Again = £10m Profit

By Gary Cutlack on at

Banksy had another moment of clarity while sitting around in his flat listening to Portishead and watching BBC News back in 2009; that the word "devolved" has two meanings. Half a day of furious stencilling later and he created a work of art showing chimps (devolved humans) in the chamber of the House of Commons (which may devolve powers to regions), cleverly lampooning The Man in his trademark manner.

The artwork was named Devolved Parliament, because, you know, politicians and that. Like monkeys aren't they? Not really but if you say so. The joke's on everyone apart from the ironic street artist, though, as this piece has just sold at a Sotheby's auction for very nearly £10m, so well done Banksy for once again saying something that seems like it says something.

No wait, there is a bit of the joke on Banksy, as he wasn't the one selling it. The artist had previously flogged it off quietly to an anonymous collector who was behind this sale. Banksy posted something on-message on Instagram about the shameful world of the appreciating value of art, adding "shame I didn't still own it." [BBC]