The Absence of Disney+ on Fire TV Could Be Down to a Disagreement About Ads

By Shabana Arif on at

The platforms for the Disney+ launch were announced earlier this year, and Amazon's Fire TV range wasn't on the list. Now it seems that the reason is that the two are embroiled in a dispute over ads.

The two are reportedly at odds because Amazon wants the right to sell a significant percentage of ad space on Disney's apps as whole, which the latter is not on board with, although according to people close to the situation, a resolution can still be reached.

As it stands, Amazon is said to be asking for a 40 per cent share of ad space, while Disney offered just 10 per cent. However, according to the WSJ report, Amazon's streaming boxes make up a third of the market share (beated only by Roku's 41 per cent), and paired with the exclusivity of certain content on Disney+ it would be stupid for the two not to hash out an agreement and miss a huge slice of each other's delicious money pies.

Disney+ launches on November 12 in the US for $7 a month. The pricing and launch date for the UK has yet to be confirmed. [Engadget]