Doctor Who's TARDIS Will be at the NHM on 25th October, In Case You Want an Autograph

By Tom Pritchard on at

Have you ever wanted to meet the star of one television's most enduring science fiction series? I'm of course talking about Doctor Who, but I'm not talking about the Doctor herself. I'm talking about the TARDIS, whose bright blue phone box look has been a constant presence in the series since its inception in 1963. There's no Doctor Who without the  TARDIS, and now you can go and meet it for yourself at London's Natural History Museum. Just in case you want an autograph, or a selfie.

The Blue Box will be there on the 25th October on one of the Museum's late nights, with the focus of this event being science fiction and the way it's tried to fill in the blanks that scientists haven't been able to figure out for themselves. And with the Doctor Who presence visitors will be able to learn more about the real world science behind some of the things that have appeared on screen in the 56 years since the show first debuted.

That means there will be pop-up science stations, a screening of Series 3 premiere Smith and Jones, and of course the opportunity to take a photo with the TARDIS - which is the real appeal of the event and will no doubt have a very long queue. The TARDIS will be in the Jerwood Gallery underneath the big artpiece of the moon that's hanging in the air.

The event is free, requires no booking ahead of time, and kicks off at 6pm - lasting until 9.30. If you want to stay a bit longer you can pay £22 to take part in a silent disco under the museum's Blue Whale skeleton. Which sounds great, and shouldn't be too harsh on your ears, but it's not quite as cool as meeting the TARDIS. I just hope it's not one of those stuck up celebrities that let fame get to their head. [NHM]