Eden Project Plans Journey to the Centre of the Earth

By Gary Cutlack on at

Cornwall's staggeringly popular Eden Project attraction has secured enough money to fund its geothermal energy ambitions, and is to begin drilling a 4.5km-deep hole in the ground in order to harness heat from the rocks below the domes to power itself – and perhaps local homes – using the ultimate in ground-source heating.

Rather embarrassingly for all the Leave-voting locals in the area like MY DAD, a large proportion of the money for the scheme is coming from the EU, with Eden receiving a total of £16.8 million in funding; sourced from the local council, small business funds and the European Regional Development Fund, with the latter putting in by far the largest chunk of money at £9.9m.

Development partners EGS Energy and Bestec UK say a second phase drill and power exportation system could be online by 2023, with Eden's co-founder Tim Smit saying: "Since we began, Eden has had a dream that the world should be powered by renewable energy. We believe the answer lies beneath our feet in the heat underground that can be accessed by drilling technology that pumps water towards the centre of the earth and brings it back up superheated to provide us with heat and electricity." [Eden Project via Guardian]