Entirely New Apple Product Launching in 2020

By Gary Cutlack on at

The fruit world in which the world 'apple' is always spelt with a lowercase 'A' may be about to be disrupted, with a group of young tree innovators planning to take the food world by storm with an entirely new variety of apple.

The new apple has a jazzy name too: the Cosmic Crisp. It's bright red, of course, as green ones are associated with old people, and is the result of cross-breeding the existing Honeycrisp and Enterprise varieties. It's the result of a 30-year programme to grow the perfect modern apple, with one of the key development ambitions being to breed-in an extended shelf life, meaning a well-stored and refrigerated Cosmic Crisp could stay crisp for as long as a whole year.

It's the work of US firm Proprietary Variety Management, which says the apple is "...terrific for eating out of hand" as well as being juicy and sweet and all that. It's such a big deal for PVM that the fruit has been given a US launch date, with the first stocks set to go on sale on December 1. An EU launch could come in 2020, if there are any left. [PVM via BBC]