Woman Horrified as Severed Finger Penetrates Her Letter Box

By Shabana Arif on at

Technically, it was an entire family, but it's a Wednesday afternoon and that headline made us chuckle.

The tip of a man's finger was shoved through a Bognor Regis family's letterbox last month. BBC News doesn't indicate that it was accompanied by a note or any other information. Just a bit of finger.

Laughably, the police have said that being posted a slice of person isn't cause for concern, although they are checking CCTV following what they describe as an "isolated and unusual" event.

"While we accept it may be alarming, I would like to reassure people that there have been no reports of similar incidents in the area, and at this time there is no evidence to suggest that this is part of criminal activity, or any person has been targeted," said Sussex Police chief inspector, Jon Carter.

The fingertip's DNA is being run through the national database, but a match hasn't been found yet. Could it be the postman falling victim to a particularly sharp letterbox? No one knows what it's all about just yet, but we'll keep you... posted.

Feature image credit: Unsplash