Marvel Dumps Comics on Trains and Buses to Celebrate 80th Birthday

By Gary Cutlack on at

Marvel for some reason thinks it needs to advertise what it is and what it does to the people of the UK as if it isn't toady's dominant cultural force by a factor of infinity, and to this end is distributing piles of reprinted classic comics around our cities' public transport systems today.

The idea is that perhaps some old bloke, finished with ogling the celebrity gossip pages of Metro and saving up a mental image of Amanda Holden for use later, might pick up a placed issue of Fantastic Four #52 and be so taken with the imagined fantasy world that he instantly subscribes to the reprint series at his local comic shop and purchases the entire MCU back catalogue on his streaming service of choice.

The Marvel reprints are being distributed around public transport in Glasgow, London, Manchester, Brighton and Cardiff today, so keep an eye out among the daily detritus if you're travelling anywhere. [Wales Online]

Image credit: Marvel