Google Pixel 4 Pricing Leaks and It Looks Deceptively Cheaper Than the Pixel 3

By Shabana Arif on at

It's the start of a new day here on planet Earth which means we're due for yet another Google Pixel 4 leak, and the internet has not disappointed.

Probably the only titbit of information we've not yet heard about in the run up to the Made by Google event next week is the pricing, and once again, the ever-reliable Twitter leaker Evan Blass has stepped up to spill the beans on that as well with what he claims is the Canadian launch price for the handsets, that - if correct - puts it in the same ballpark as the Pixel 3.

According to Blass, the Pixel 4 in 64GB and 128GB will be CAD$1,049.95 and CAD$1,199.95 respectively, while the Pixel 4XL comes in at CAD$1,199.95 for the 64GB model, and CAD$1,359.95 for the 128GB model. Based on a straight conversion, that works out as £640 and £731 for the two Pixel 4s, and £731 and £830 for the two Pixel 4XL models. The Pixel 3 started at £739, so if the conversion rate holds up, that makes the Google's new smartphone lineup cheaper than its previous flagship.

As always though, things are never that simple and we often get screwed on pricing over here; the iPhone 11 being the perfect example of this. Brits tend to find themselves paying more for their gadgets than their American counterparts even after allowing for sales tax. So realistically, we probably won't see a cheaper launch price. It's likely they'll cost around the same at least.

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