Google Unveils New Lighter, Thinner Pixelbook Go Available for Pre-Order Now

By Shabana Arif on at

Made by Google is live and the Pixelbook Go has just been announced with maximum portability being the key concept.

The second iteration of the Pixelbook is thinner and lighter than the original, at just 13mm thick and weighing in at barely 2lbs/ approx 907g. In spite of the thinner and lighter design, the battery life is 15 per cent longer than the OG Pixelbook, offering up to 12 hours of use. And to ensure you don't annoy everyone around you while you're using your laptop out and about, the Pixelbook Go features Ultra Quiet Hush keys.

On the aesthetics front, the Pixelbook Go is available in Just Black and Not Pink in a smooth magnesium matte finish, with a ripple wavy bottom making it easy to grip.

You can pick it up with an Intel Core m3/ i5/ i7, 8GB/ 16GB RAM, and 64GB/ 128GB/ 256GB SSD from $649 which is around £509, although Google has yet to confirm UK pricing.

Pre-orders for Just Black go live later today while Just Pink pre-orders are coming soon.