Google WiFi is Now Nest WiFi: Here's What's Going on With Google's Mesh Network

By Tom Pritchard on at

Google WiFi has been around for a while, offering people the option to improve their home's WiFi coverage with an almost-seamless network that reaches some of the hardest to reach areas of your home. Wel Google WiFi is getting a revamp, and a rebrand. It's now called Nest WiFi, and here's what's changed.

Nest WiFi is, naturally, more powerful than Google WiFi, and the company promises that it offers double the speed and 12 per cent better coverage than the old Google WiFi system. Being a Mesh network it comes with a central router that connects to additional Nest WiFi Point to extend the range.

If you have Google WiFi already the new points will still be compatible with what you have, which is nice. The Point itself has Google Assistant built in so you can call up the AI assistant if you're the kind of person that uses them. Naturally that means it has a speaker inside, and apparently it's the same as the newly-announced Nest Mini.

Naturally Assistant being built in also means it's compatible with your smart home devices (if you have them) and can connect to them without needing a central hub.

Everything is controlled from the Google Home app, letting you set parental controls, manage networks across multiple homes (if you have permission) and more.

The system will be available on 4th November and will be ready to pre-order later today. It'll cost £239 as a two-pack that includes the Router and Nest Point, or you can buy them both separately for £149 and £129 respectively.