Google Has Wire-Free Pixel Buds on the Way

By Tom Pritchard on at

A couple of years ago Google announced the Pixel Buds, a pair of Bluetooth earbuds that used a single cable to connect both earpieces. By all accounts they sucked, and frankly didn't even fit very well, but now it seems Google has learned from that with the launch of the wireless Pixel Buds.

Opting for an in-ear earbud design (thank god), the buds look like an upgraded version of the old Pixel Buds. There's no wire to get in the way, and they have the little flaps that help keep them in your ears when you're doing whatever it is you're doing. They're designed to be small, light, and unobtrusive, without affecting the sound quality.

A hybrid design also seals the ear for better sound, and a spatial event l;ets through some environmental sound so you're not completely blocked off from the noise of the outside world. But to work with that they have adaptive sound that alters what you hear depending on what sort of environment you're in.

Obviously they come with hands-free Google Assistant functionality, letting you access everything Google Assistant has to offer without pulling out your phone or playing with your ears. it also has long-range Bluetooth so you don't necessarily need to be right next to your phone for them to work.

They won't be available until next spring, and pricing hasn't been revealed yet, but Google promises the buds have a five hour battery life on a single charge, and can last for 24 hours using the charging case to top yourself up. It's a wireless charging case too.

That's just about all we know, and we'll bring you more information as we get it.